Weird Weekend Wednesday – the tales of the BluWkdBoys

29 09 2010

We have a new feature for Wednesdays to get you over the hump day in the week – Weird Weekend Wednesday.

Inspired by Weird Ben, we are going to share tales of what KEE-RAY-ZEE antics the Fingers got up to on their weekend, both recent and historical. Am sure there are some cracking tales to be had (and apparently I am only banned from publishing one story). It’s likely that most of them will be taken from Weird Ben’s back catalogue, but I am sure that everyone has had their BluWkdBant moments…

The Ambrosia of the BlueWKD Boys

This week’s tale comes from the weekend before last and involved Weird Ben and…. THE CRANAGER??? We had just suffered our first defeat of the season at Raynes Park and had retired to the Raynes Park Tavern. The team stayed for a few drinks, but last season’s management (link to league table) decided to stay for a while.

About six pints later, they decided to move things on to Earlsfield, where Ben decided that they had had too many beers and wanted a short. Not wanting to be outdone, The Cranager responded with the phrase “I want something shorter” and out came the Buca.

Many hours later, and having been to more bars, they ended up at a house party. Where? Whose? How? These answers remain unanswered, but the point was they ended up there. Other details apparently are patchy at best, but it was the morning after that made it worthy of a blog.

Having both passed out, The Cranager back in his hallway at home and Ben on a sofa, Ben called The Cranager and the conversation went like this:

Ben: “Alright mate, I’m asleep on your sofa downstairs”

The Cranager: “I don’t have a downstairs, mate”

Ben: “Then where the hell am I?”

However, it was as he gained more consciousness that the uncomfortableness really set in. He realised he was just in his jeans in an empty house with this note laid on him:

EVIDENCE..... A lovely wake up call

Who is Andrew? What happened to make it so crazy? Will they hook up again? Just another crazy night out, I guess… Hmmm….