Tweets – 20 September 2010

21 09 2010

Fellow Fingers,

As you know, the Goldfingers Twitter feed is full of vitality and in full flow. However, we are aware that not everyone is able to access Twitter, has an account, or, in Ketchup’s case, knows what Twitter is.

Ketchup - "What the fook is The Twitter?"

As such, we are going to do a daily update of the previous days tweets, so that everyone can see the football chat and the various features we have going on. Look at it as a lunchtime treat.

Here are yesterday’s tweets:

Post afc battersea interview with @sheffieldmick. Parental Guidance Advisory due to adult language…

Today, the Goldfingers FC blog launches… complete with match reports, player profiles and more…

Injury news: @samkano tears ligament fibres in ankle. Looking at a month out at least…

Dewesy’s Fascinating Fact #7:#Dogs have over 100 different facial expressions. I’ve counted them all.

The Cranager’s Thought #7: Flues are more interesting than media chat (sure to spark debate between @raspers26 and the PR following)…

The Goldfingers blog is up and running –

Giftasia #7: Fat + Frozen Lake = ????

100 views of the Goldfingers blog today. Must be worth reading…