Mick Berry witnesses WORLD RECORD

23 09 2010

The following post comes courtesy of Mick Berry…

You know those times when you are walking along and you think “I wish I had a camera ready”, like when someone walks into a post or a dog pulls a funny face or The Cranager is sick on himself… again….

Well, I can report that one of our Fingers was on hand to witness the absolute smashing of a World Record. It was nothing as mainstream as an Usain Bolt canter, nor something as worthless as how many Ferrero Rochers can you eat in a minute. No, no…. it was much more headline grabbing than that. Here is the picture we are talking about…

Gerard Depardieu, Pinocchio, Barbara Streisand.... there's a new champ in town

The world’s biggest nose, official, as measured by some sort of demonic chav. As you know, Goldfingers FC is on a march to eradicate nosism from football, which is why we actively participate in nasal community, embrace victims and even let them play.

Kick nosism out of football.