An obscene miss…

12 12 2011

Ok ok ok….

A bit of a beration for steering to far from the essence of what this blog is all about – Football. So let’s get back to basics

After Diamo’s inability to play this weekend because he had the sniffles, we were pleased to see his legacy live on this weekend in the Maritimo v Benfica game. I give you… an almighty miss

Oscar Cardozo – that is ridiculous / we salute you. Love your “celebration” too.

The fact GFC drew 0-0 is irrelevant to this too.



Proper fighting – INFANT TAE-KWON-DO

12 12 2011

As our regular subscribers will know, we do appreciate the art of fighting. Whether it be jujitsu, bare knuckle street fighting or boxing, we doff our caps to those that risk so much….

However, today we have seen what can only be described as the most savage, raw, blood-curdling, intense fight we have ever seen. Brace yourself for…



Can you spot the Marine

18 11 2011

We’ve talked on here at length about our love for various sports. And fighting is one of them.

So we were delighted when some bloke who is in a One Direction tribute band directed us to this clip.

It’s a quiz. One simple question. Which one is the marine?

Quality – as a bonus, it reminds us of the best boxing entrance ever.

Happy Friday.


The New Beyonce? Hmmm….

24 10 2011

In a word, no.

As music lovers here at GFC Headquarters, we can’t help but respect Beyonce. But our admiration grew even more, as she completely stitched up one of her fans at a recent concert.

This was the fan’s biggest moment of her life. Face to face with her icon. Her idol. Her god.

And then Beyonce made her sing. It sounded like a cat being neutered.


Mass brawl (s) and raked faces

20 10 2011

Two football posts in a row? What is going on?

Anyway, bizarre occurrences in the Asian Champions League semi-final this week, as Suwon took on Al Saad. With Suwon 1-0 down, they were pressing for an equaliser. A ball into the box was cleared, but the striker attacking the ball ended up having his face raked by the landing foot of the defender. It looked nasty and needed treatment.

How did Al Sadd respond? Booted the ball up the other end of the pitch and scored…

Cue a mass brawl.

Then cue another mass brawl…

You’re the ref – what would you do?


A header from your own half

26 09 2011

Here’s something you don’t see every day. Jone Samuelsen scoring a header…. from his own half. Effort!


20th Century Fox on a flute

22 09 2011

In the absence of anything meaningful to say, I just thought I would share something that made me laugh today…