The perils over over-celebration…

11 07 2013

Keen readers of this blog (hello?) may remember a post from a year or so ago about the 200m runner who started celebrating way too early, was duly overtaken and came fourth.

Well, today we bring you the evolution of that.

Picture the scene. You have achieved a lifetime ambition of playing in the Brazilian League. You are a striker. But you are yet to score in front of a cast of thousands. It is the albatross round your neck, weighing you down.

But then… a ball is whipped in from the right. You’ve stolen a yard on the defender, nipped in front of him, and BANG, the ball is in the back of the net. The ambition is complete.

Only one thing left to do…. celebrate.

But beware celebrating too hard, as you may look foolish. So spare a thought for 19-year old Maurides, who did exactly this for Internacional…

His method of celebration – an arab spring (remember them from school) followed by a back flip….. followed by a sprained knee upon landing. And being stretchered off… In front of thousands.

What a goon.




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