Drama? What drama?

11 02 2013

Ah…. the magic of the cup. The cold January afternoons. The upsets. The “winner takes all” approach. The pouting massively effeminate goalkeepers. You can’t beat it….


It goes to penalties…

And then it is agony. How often has your team been in a shootout and lost. I will wager it is more often than not. I’m talking to you, England Football Team.

So the relief, excitement and jubilation was palpable this weekend when the mighty Fingers edged out MGA Vets. 3-3 after 90 minutes. 4-4 after 120 minutes.

And eventually, when it was almost dark, 5-4 winners on penalties after seven attempts each.

Heart in mouth, but worth it.

Goldfingers FC vs MGA Vets FC Penalty Shootout

Roll on the quarters.




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