Embarrassingly brilliant new ad from Blackburn Rovers

28 07 2011

On the last post, we had a comment from Diamo, insisting that we return to football. One other thing you should know about Diamo is that he takes he sports nutrition very seriously to the extent that he emails us to tell what we should be eating and when… Great.

So with this in mind, this post should satisfy the gurning Manc.

Sponsors – Premier League Clubs can’t function without them. But it’s when the footballers are made to act in adverts for them that things take a thing for the worse.

Blackburn Rovers are now sponsored by Venkys – and this advert has just surfaced. To me, this had a bigger twist than the Usual Suspects. I did not see this coming at all. It’s spectacularly bad. The face on David Dunn!

I think Ryan Nelsen is up for an acting career after retiring… I appreciate this is the second Blackburn related post in a week, but thought this was worth sharing.

Football and Nutrition, Diamo – what more could you ask for?





One response

28 07 2011

THAT…is comedy gold. Chicken before kick off, though? Think of the indigestion…

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