It takes skill to be this bad

26 07 2011

As all 21 (count them) subscribers to this wonderful catalogue of entertainment will know, we do like our music here. We’ve had the Vegan Black Metal Chef and had the scoop on Ollie Stewart’s first EP (second one – coming soon).

So, having done a lot on “football” recently, we think it’s time to return to “music”. A man, known only to me as TheDuke118, guided me to this gem of a cover. Everyone has gone nuts on a dancefloor at some point to Sweet Child O’Mine. However, this cover has given the song a whole new facelift.

The speed of the drums, the voice and, my favourite bit, THAT guitar solo. Someone has commented “there wasn’t a single bit of that I didn’t enjoy”

For me, it’s so bad, it’s GENIUS.





2 responses

26 07 2011

Awful. More football, please.

27 07 2011
Joe Thomas

Phenomenal. If the fat lad could spit a more street lyric they;ve got a chance of getting signed by White Chalk

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