The perils of showboating too soon…

5 05 2011

Last night, a team of myself, @sheffieldmick, @pdewes87, @jonnybroscombe and… er… Mahdi produced an incredible display at 5-a-side, demolishing the opposition 17-3. It’s fair to say that confidence was high by the end and a few tricks came into play.

This got me thinking about showboating. It was only because we were 14-2 up at the time that it came about. If the tricks didn’t work – who cares, we were still guaranteed victory.

And this is the crucial thing about showboating – only do it if you can back it up with a win….

It’s just a shame that this Usain Bolt wannabe doesn’t adhere to that train of thought…

He’s going on the Goon List….




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11 07 2013
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[…] Keen readers of this blog (hello?) may remember a post from a year or so ago about the 200m runner who started celebrating way too early, was duly overtaken and came fourth. […]

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