Another hurdles champion…

6 01 2011

Fellow Fingers,

A Happy New Year to one and all!

Now, as regular readers will know (all 14 of you), one of the most popular blog posts of last year was “The Courage to Continue” – a video of a girl in a hurdles race, who, let’s say, is not destined to be the next Colin Jackson or Kris Akabusi (AWWWIGGGGHHHTTT).

Well, come the new year and we have another classic hurdles race. This time though it seems to be on a much higher level. Let’s just say the competitor in red, two in from the left, takes matters into his own hands….

On watching this, two questions occurred to me:

1) If he had carried on with his path of carnage, like a train with no brakes, would he have won and would it have stood?

2) Admittedly, the girl in the other video was just in a school race. Look at the size of the crowds here!!! How has he got to race in front of that many people without knowing the rules and being that woeful?

Thoughts please from sports fans or International Hurdles Regulators…





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6 01 2011

Love it

6 01 2011
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