Claremont v Goldfingers – Match Report

2 12 2010

Fingers struggled for a team for the first time this year. Actually starting with only 10 men.

Pembo was looking forward to the warm conditions with no keeper top (apparently thats your fault Diamo) in net, defence of JB right back, Barks left back, Weird Ben and Liam W in the centre. Midfield started with Liam M, Dewesy & Phil. Dave and Tommy K up top.

After about 5 minutes Panno joined the party in midfield – fresh from abandoning his 3 day year old baby and post natal wife. Awesome commitment, great work from the Antipodeon.

The first half was hotly contested, to such a degree that the Claremont captain almost had a fit when a linesman flagged for a throw in half a second before the ball had actually gone over the touch line. The refs response to this “yep, that was pathetic”.

About half way through Liam M fed the ball through the right channel, chased down by Tommy K. The big lump of a Claremont keeper came out and blocked Tommy shot giving away a corner. However, the keeper stayed down, he moped and limped around for 5 minutes but eventually decided to continue – a error that was to cost them dearly.

Five minutes later, Liam W fired the ball forward through the left channel. Its looked way too far in front of the, again willing running of Tommy. However, and at the time only Tommy seemed to remember, their keeper could barely move. Tommy eventually caught the ball just inside the 6 yard box and finished from a tight angle.

1-0 Fingers.

And this was the point that Claremont substituted their keeper. Good timing.

HT 1-0.

The Fingers defence continued to dominate the Claremont front line. Pembo never really called upon due to superb displays from JB, Ben, Barks and especially Whitey.

However, Fingers also looked more dangerous in the second half. Panno had a shot that “just” missed. thankfully it was caught on film:

Other chances came, Phil had an excellent shot saved by the reserve keeper. Dave slipped Ketchup in again and yet again the sub pulled off a save. However, you would probably have to say that it was more of a miss but you can make your own mind up as Tommys miss was also filmed:

It happens to the best of them.

From the sidelines at one stage, it was a case of “we’ve had all the chances to put the game to bed, bet we let one in now”. And so it nearly was. After not threatening all game, with 2 minutes to go Claremont missed a sitter. A free kick was cleared and then returned to the box, Pembo by now had frozen to death so was no use, as was Cranners running the line, who after the event said “he was offside but it was too late for me to flag”??!! Good job he didn’t score, which he didn’t – his scuffed shot just missing the post.

Final score 1-0.

Great win against the league leaders. Click here to see the current table.

It was also only the 3rd clean sheet of the season, and that includes one against a team now defunct. Click here to see all current Goldfingers fixtures and results.

Need to keep this winning run going now. We want to see a repeat of these scenes:

Will these scenes be repeated in 2010-11?

Can the Cranager inspire us to this?

And so to add to the uplifted morale I will leave with a picture of Dewesy.

Dewesy getting back to his best





One response

2 12 2010

My oh my what a specimen!! Congrats Pano. Great result mate and super result lads. Let’s have them this weekend!!!

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