Lightening Strikes Union Twice – Goldfingers v Union Match Report

24 11 2010

Union FC are sick of the sight on Goldfingers this season, going down to last minute winners on both meetings and their mini Doogie Howser MD lookalike almost having a heart attack.

Doogie Howser in calmer times

Fingers had a few injuries – or in actual fact Northerners and an Irish man that are meant to be hard, being soft – so lined up with Pembo in net; JB, Bjorn Vidic, Noblet and Liam “Bottom of the fantasy league” White in defence; Dewes, Cranager, Weird Ben and Andy “Barnesy” Barker in midfield; Panno and Kanerat up top. JB donning the skippers armband.

Fingers started well and despite having the upper hand didn’t make their pressure tell until the Union fullback couldn’t avoid the envitable as JB maraudered into the box – he caught his nose and gave away a pen.

Panno stepped up and, for the second week running, confidently fired home. 1-0 Fingers – a deserved lead.

However, 2/3 mins before the break Uniongoons were back level. Fingers cleared the ball and it was sent back towards our area – one of their gimps was miles offside, however another one (cleverly positioning himself onside in the tank size gap of our defence) ran on the ball, lobbed the stranded Pembers and turned away to celebrate. This wasn’t the end though. The ball bounced up, hit the bar, bounced down and the only person (one of theirs) following up knocked it in (as you can tell noone on our team bothered following up).

HT 1-1

Second half was dominted by fingers, chances came and went. Panno at the back stick missed a sitter you’d have put your mortgage on, Ben had a couple of headers and so it went on. Luckily (or unluckily depends how you look at it) Panno’s miss was captured on video:

Nick came on for Kaneo and Phil replaced “Barnesy” Barker and the latter was put through by Panno. All Phil had to do was smash it past the keeper and the glory would be his. Instead of doing this, he fell over his own feet and kicked the floor.

So after at least 5 good chances, Union came back into it. In the last 10 minutes they had matchwinning chances of their own. 2 of which were excellently saved by Pembo (who by the was described by an ex of his as “the only man I’ve ever met who only talks about his clothes” – true story). The other chance came to an abrupt end when eagled eyed linesman Diamo spotted an obvious (probably not) offside. This was the incident that led to Mini Doogie Howser MD absolutely losing it and screaming at Diamo, but brilliantly in his haste to shout at the former Fash FC front man, Doogie shouted “hes offside!” – completely negating his arguement. Classic.

Doogies mood was about to get even worse as in the last minute Fingers (super) subs combined. Phil to Nick, Nick with a convincing finish (scuff) into the bottom corner. 2-1 Fingers. Doogie Howser goes mad at Diamo again.

Less than a minute later and game over. Fingers beat Union in the last minute again. Doogie Howser goes mad at Diamo again.

Great win, fully deserved and exactly what the Cranager ordered after 2 straight defeats. It was also nice for Pembo not to be saying “we don’t deserve to be in this league” in the changing rooms afterwards.





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