Friday fun – Google’s way to get from Japan to China

5 11 2010

Just a quick one today, but thanks to musical genius Ollie Stewart (check his tunes out here) for flagging this.

Many would think that the best way to get from Japan to China would be to fly.

Not Google…

Follow this quick experiment to check the best way, in their view, to make this journey…

‎1. Go to Google maps.
2. Go to “Get Directions.”
3. Type Japan as the start location.
4. Type China as the end location.
5. Go to direction #43.

For those that can’t be bothered to do that, here’s the result…

Roads? Where we're going we don't need roads.... just a jetski





2 responses

6 11 2010

Awesome!! I can see how that would work…LOL
Thank you Google – this is why you are the “best” at what you do isn’t it??

1 12 2010

makes me want to drink alchoholic beverages

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