Union 2 – 3 Goldfingers FC

20 10 2010

After a disappointing loss to Claremont FC at Fortress Battersea last week, Goldfingers FC faced a daunting trip to a ground they had only won on once in numerous occasions, to play a team who beat them 6-1 in the corresponding fixture last season.

What was missing from last week? The sentiment was that it was positivity, so The Cranager insisted that everyone help each other, rather than getting on each other’s backs, and foremostly, enjoy it. After last week’s team contained a number of people playing out of position, due to absence and injury, a strong squad returned.

Cranners shows up.... branded

A 4-4-2 formation was adopted. Pembo, who you may not know starred on Fash FC, started in goal. Terrier JB at right back, with Liam at left back. Mamma Mia Stars Benny and Bjorn reinstated their partnership in the “heart” of defence. Berry and Pano in centre midfield, returning sk on the left and Kenwyne on the right. Leroy and Diamo, the latter of which you may not know starred in Fash FC, led the line. A very strong bench of Ketchup, Nobber-lay and the Cranager waited in the wings, ready to pounce, like Ben outside Infernos at 2.15am, equipped only with a balaclava and a hammer.

The fresh attitude was plain to see and the level of play was instantly better. The ball was being played along the floor much more and the game was played at our pace. Chances began to appear, Ben and Bjorn were solid at the back, which allowed Liam and JB to get forward to support the wings. However, after 20 minutes – DISASTER. Sk’s ankle gave way and the Cranager was forced to make a unscheduled change, bringing himself on. How would the team cope after losing such an influential, witty, talented, charismatic, handsome character?

Not bad as it happens.

A few minutes later, a throw by the Cranager down the left found the gleaming bonce of Diamo who flicked it into the path of the marauding Pano, who smashed the ball into the top left from 18 yards. Great finish.

Union were shell shocked and Goldfingers FC did not relent. Leroy and Diamo were holding the ball up. Pano and Berry were surging like demons, Cranners and Kenny J were hitting the bylines. We had a good few corners too. Unfortunately for us, Leroy was not able to gather that one arm meant near post and two meant far post. We are sending him on a picture card course this week.

The pressure was relentless as it soon paid off, as another ball in the area dropped to Diamo, who fired past the keeper to make it 2-0 and things a little more comfortable. We relaxed a little and allowed them back into the game a bit to give them a free header, which they put over the bar. And just before halftime, a long throw was flicked on by Cranners, allowing their striker to head goalwards. Pembo pulled off a great save to palm it away and it looked to have gone safe, but their right wing followed up and nodded in from a very tight angle to make it 2-1 at half time.

The second half was a scrappier affair and a few errors crept into our game. Pembo, usually solid produced a complete miskick. Fortunately the cameras were there to capture the moment – it happens on 0.25 of this video:

Union pulled level after about 15 minutes when one of their players played an incisive pass through to their centre forward, who was able to fire past Pembo. When I say one of their players, I mean Ben.

We rallied and chanced came for both teams. Pembo kept us in it with two superb one-on-one saves from their lanky goon centreforward, who their sub informed me is regularly called “Crouchy”. Charlie came on to shore up the defence a little, while Ketchup came on to add more fire power.

We slowly found our rhythm again and five minutes before the end, a lovely move ensued. Leroy, now playing on the right, played the ball along the line to Ketchup, who swivelled and played the ball into Diamo on the edge of the box. He managed to create a yard and dink a ball to the back stick, where the unmarked Berry, fell in episodes to connect with a diving header to seal the match.

A lovely end to the match and a deserved win.

MOTM: Pano

The team were jubilant. So much so, that later that evening, Bjorn was simply sick all over a table in Belgo.






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20 10 2010

Pembo joint MOTM – couldn’t have won it without him

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