Michael J Fox reprises Marty Mcfly role!

14 10 2010

The excitement around last week’s top ten details you missed in Back to the Future has left many viewers salivating at the return of Back to the Future.

Well for those fans, here is a very special treat. For the 2010 Scream Awards, Michael J Fox HAS REPRISED THE ROLE OF MARTY MCFLY. Despite his unfortunate illness, he has re-recorded the original teaser trailer to the film (slightly changing the dialogue at the end). Check it out here:

There have been constant rumours of both a Back to the Future IV or, horror of horrors, a remake with the likes of Justin Bieber of Zac Efron. This would undoubtedly be the single worst idea in cinematic history (although I will give Efron one bit of credit – he did say he wouldn’t star in the remake of Footloose as he “wouldn’t do it justice”. If he says that about Footloose, surely the same will apply to BTTF).

The greatest artists of our time were so good because they knew when they had applied their last brush stroke. You wouldn’t try to do a new version of the Sisteine Chapel or make the Mona Lisa’s smile broader. The train taking off and flying into the camera was undoubtedly the last brush stroke.

Let’s enjoy this trailer for the excitement it brings, but then not mess with perfection.





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18 10 2010
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[…] the Scream Awards last night, which Michael J Fox filmed a trailer for as Marty McFly, Bill accepted the award for best horror film for Zombieland. Did he go in black tie, casual… […]

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