What blokes really do in the toilet?

13 10 2010

We have a first for you on The Goldfingers FC Blog today – a guest blog in the form of Coventry City legend, Dewesy.

One of life’s true mysteries is the following: what does the opposite sex get up to in the toilets when they say ‘I’m just nipping to the bathroom’. In a Goldfingers EXCLUSIVE we sent one of the two members who hold the keys to the castle that is the Goldfingers FC twitter feed to see exactly what happens in the bloke’s toilets on a normal night out. Please join me for “Pete Dewes Invetigates”.

The Invetigation Begins...

The chosen night fell on the evening of Satutrday 4th October in a highly regarded establishment in Wimbledon Village. This location was chosen completely by random. However our results were quite shocking and would make any male choose to nip into the female toilets for a quick relief or even the third option of the disabled toilet and we all know what “going to the disabled” really mean.

After a few southern comfort and lemonades, I was given the nod of all clear by the boss to start my investigation. As I walked towards the gentlemen’s toilets I was confronted by yobs that could only be described as the following: many drunken men with one dressed as a pumpkin, two blokes with masks, one with some trendy T-bird leathers, who was busy looking up Tudor on urban dictionary.com. One thing they all had in common; they all seemed to have an obsession with David Brent.

The investigation was quickly halted when a random walked into the lavatories however all female (and male) followers of the Goldfingers blog please watch the video below to answer one of life’s true mysteries.

A true example of invetigative (sic) journalism. Follow more of his invetigations here.





One response

13 10 2010

That is a superb piece of investigative journalism from the Dewer. I look forward to reading and seeing more of this budding hacks work in the national press. Probably worth some kind of media award I should think.

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