Goldfingers FC 1 – 2 Claremont

11 10 2010

Strange going on at Fortress Wandsworth ensued on Saturday as the nation’s favourite team, whose blog racked up over 2,000 hits last week, returned to take on the currently unbeaten Claremont FC.

We did the double of them last year, but both matches were keenly fought and in the end it was Goldfingers FC who ended up defeating the Nivea clad francophones.

The Cranager had quite the headache before the match, though whether that was through drink or selection difficulties remains to be seen. We were missing Charlie Nobber-lay, JB and Weird Ben, the latter of whom had succumbed to an injury that only Weird Ben could succumb to – his heart is on the verge of exploding.

With sk and Dewesy still also injured and Liam M having to withdraw as he had to go and decide how many doves to release and what shade of orchid should be at the wedding, The Cranager had to shift things round. He started as centre back with Bjorn. Kenwyne Jones filled in at right back, while Liam started on the left. Semipro Dave started on the right wing, with wholly unintelligible fiery Ulsterman Leroy on the left. Berry and Phil played in the middle and it was the first time the manc pairing of Diamo and Ketchup played this season. Pembo was naturally in nets, looking immaculately groomed (probs by Ben).

The match started at quite a pace, so much so that the live Twitter feed was in FURIOUS mode. Goldfingers created a few chances, but quite against the run of play, Claremont took the lead. Their centre forward, who was a very good player to be fair, managed to turn inside and slot a finish in to Pembo’s left. There was nothing he could have done about it, but it didn’t stop him thinking he would have got a hand there half a second quicker. Personally, I don’t think so. Their scorer had the number “01”. At first, we thought this was some attempt to be alternative and trendy, but it transpired it was just a printing error – amateur.

The match was open and in the space of a minute, Pembo pulled of a point blank save, while Kenwyne Jones floated in a pearler of a free kick that almost found Bjorn at the back stick. It’s fair to say lightning didn’t strike twice when, in the second half, presented with the same opportunity and eight Fingers heads to aim for, he managed to clear the bar and the subsequent pitch.

The match continued and the deftest of pitches from Ketchup allowed Diamo to burst through and cut across his man. He made it into thebox, but was scythed down as he was about to pull the trigger. Penalty and a yellow card – lucky not to be red. Northern Muser Mick Berry stepped up to take the PK from 12 and calmly stroked it past the keeper’s outstretched left hand.

The game resumed and it was all Fingers and some good football was being played with the exception of Berry attempting to execute a volley that dropped over his head from 40 yards. It didn’t go in. One excellent talking point was when a ball was floated into the area. Pembo caught it, but was fouled, which meant the ball dropped from his hands and someone poked it in. The ref gave the foul, but our keeper though he had given the goal and sprinted, and I mean SPRINTED, 30 yards to complain. Dewesy and I had never seen pace like it. 5 minutes later, Pembo was spotted clutching the goal post, still gasping for air.

Then, quite unexpectedly, Claremont took the lead. The ball wasn’t quite cleared and allowed their number nine, who one of their subs described as “usually gash”, to turn from 25 yards and rifle a great shot past Pembo – again, nothing could have been done.

Seconds before the break, Ketchup forced a good save out of their Keeper, who really was another definition of “Tudor“, as we saw at The Hope later. 2-1 at half time.

In the second half, both teams had chances to win the game – there were a comedy of errors at one stage where a rolling ball was missed by both Bjorn and then Cem, resulting in Pembo making a sprawling save. Nick came on for Dave and was full of running, but unfortuantely couldn’t carve an opening.

Berry found space with 10 minutes to go, but couldn’t quite get his shot across the keeper and then, with two minutes to go, Liam put a ball across the box which found Ketchup six yards, but he couldn’t quite wrap his plate around it and put it past the right post. Fortunately, this was captured on film, albeit grainy eastern european stock coverage:

The game ended 2-1 and we were left to lick our wounds. There were some bright moments, but we need to raise our game significantly if we are challenge for the league.

More random postings tomorrow – and this week, we have our first guest blogger and it’s a classic!





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