Run Marty Run… The details you may have missed in Back to the Future

8 10 2010

As you can see on the right, we link to Chief WAG Rayner’s blog, I Don’t Watch Cool Movies, a film review site. The irony of this is that said WAG has hardly seen any films and I found out that, until a few months ago, hadn’t seen a film that, let’s face it, should be on the National Curriculum – Back to the Future.

The greatest film ever?

For me, this is quite simply film perfection. And the fact that it has been digitally remastered for its 25th anniversary got me chomping at the bit, so last weekend I went with the “film expert” and our friend and gurning simpleton BTTF fan, SMB (who is helping to write this and collate what is coming) to see it on the big screen.

And it didn’t disappoint – it was just beyond immense. You still don’t know if he is going to make it back to 1985, there is actually a hell of a lot of swearing, Fox and Lloyd’s comic timing is still just as fresh as ever, and in today’s politically correct society, the plot of Marty’s mum fancying him!!, makes it even more ludicrous and fresh.

However, once again, I noticed something that I haven’t seen before about the character Red, so me and SMB have decided to list the top 10 details in the film that you may have missed. Enjoy:

10. The character Red, the tramp that is lying on the bench when Marty gets back to 1985, is the Mayor up for re-election in 1955

9. One of Biff’s goons is none other than Titanic bad boy and Kelly Brook boffer, Billy Zane

Billy Zane (top right)... goon

8. One that may be obvious, but some of the newer ones may not know – Johnny Be Good was recorded by Chuck Berry, meaning Marty is meant to be the inspiration for this when he plays in Marvin Berry (Chuck’s cousin)’ band.

7. The bit where the terrorists shoot Doc and you see Marty from behind diving into the DeLorean – Marty in this bit is still Eric Stoltz who had the part before Michael J Fox

6. Lea Thompson, who plays Marty’s mum, is actually only 10 days older than Michael J Fox, while Crispin Glover, who plays his dad is actually younger than him

5. If you pause BTTF III when the camera pans back to Doc after he shoots Marty down from where Biff’s gang hangs him up by the lasso, his left testicle is visible protruding from his trousers for around 0.75 seconds.

This was based on a bet between Lloyd and Fox that both of them could get at least one bollock shot past the notoriously strict censors, which Lloyd won after the scene Fox had gone ‘ball out’ for was edited out of the final cinematic cut of the film.

4. The cinema marty crashes into on arrival back to 1985 is the same one used in Gremlins

3. In the opening scene of the movie, as the camera pans across the clocks, one clock in the foreground has a small figure of Harold Lloyd hanging from the minute hand

2. The man who auditions Marty’s band, “The Pinheads” at the beginning of the film, and then halts it, telling him he’s just “too darn loud” is none other than “The Power of Love” Legend Huey Lewis

And the number one fact….

1. At the beginning of the film, Marty goes to meet Doc at the “Twin Pines Mall”. When he returns, it is called the “Lone Pine Mall”. The reason? Marty ran over one of Old Man Peabody’s pines when escaping when he first goes back to 1955. Lovely detail.

Old Man Peabody's Legacy... An Angry man..

Hope you enjoy this list. It truly is film perfection. I have just bought a Hill Valley hoodie – am trying to get SMB to model it. Big up to her for helping with this – follow her on Twitter here.

(Admittedly one of these facts may have been made up. Nod to JBHK)





6 responses

8 10 2010

Kaneo – great facts in top ten but you mention Huey Lewis’s appearance and him singing the power of love without noting that this is BTTF’s theme tune – not all readers will know that and hence the link will pass them by.

You also missed the campaign in 1985 to repair the clocktower which is damaged at the exact point of Marty’s return to 1985.

I love BTTF – always wanted a hoverboard

8 10 2010

Lovely stuff

But I preferred BTF2 and once did a presentation on it at school, as part of a token general studies ‘Modern Cinema’ module.

I can only imagine how impressed my teacher must have been.

8 10 2010

It’s not as good as Big Trouble in Little China

8 10 2010

Good article… Surprised there was no mention of one of Doc Brown’s kids doing a weird hand gesture at the end of BTTF III:

15 10 2010
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