The Pumpkin at the Races…. STAAAAAAG!

4 10 2010

As regular followers know, Monday is usually reserved for match reports, but the “match” on Saturday was rather different to normal. So instead of the team’s exploits at Fortress Wandsworth, instead it was current Captain, Michael Berry’s UK stag at Epsom Races and Wimbledon.

Having had a full weekend in Riga month ago, Michael decided to hold this so that the likes of his dad, father in law to be and other members of the lovely Katie’s family and friends could come along.

Unbeknownst to the Stag, Best Man Woody had organised a knew game “Eat It, Drink It or Wear It”. For those that do not know, Mick hates two things in life – eggs and Pigs. He also looks remarkably like a Pumpkin. These were the three themes.

I met @Selleckta at Party Superstore at 11am, where we were meant to have a budget of £3. However, there were outfits that were just too good to resist. As a result, our stag ended up looking like this:

Pumpkin eats Pigs Brains.... Old ladies behind take cover...

We got to the Derby Arms just after midday where the drinking began and Berry’s “lucky dip” began earnestly with a bacon and egg sandwich, which he duly wretched up. That wasn’t the worst though, as rascal Goddard had made Berry “Chips’ Special Mix” – an egg based cocktail. This was drunk (momentarily) later on in the hall at the races, conveniently next some absolutely grotty middle-elderly aged women. As you can imagine, they were over the moon when the Egg based cocktail made a reappearance all over the floor next to him.

Races were won and lost although the kitty did hit £360 at one point. A strange thing happened towards the end of the meet, as someone found a cane. A game of “who can jump over the cane while still holding it” ensued, much to the amusement of an onlooking Soccerette.

Crucially, Selleck and I spotted a treat for some of the other Goldfingers who weren’t able to make it. We recorded the video for you:

The 28 strong party headed back to Wimbledon, where the Raspertron concluded his ever popular Flue Quiz ’10. Games of fives ensued with the IceMan necking an insubordinate amount of shots for constantly losing.

I honestly can’t remember too much about the rest of the evening, so please feel free to add in your highlights too below. Or if you have any other photos to share, please put them up here.

Great day out and great effort by Woody and The Cranager for organising.

Few more highlights have come in:

Everybody reaching over to eat Chilli Brains with their fingers.

Standing to win £1,450 quid if a three legged horse at 20-1 came in.

Getting turned away from a night club for being “too wet mate” after the bouncer had kept us waiting in the queue for 20 minutes in the lashing rain!

Assaulting a 73 year old woman with chips.

Woody and Cat finding themselves in “Savannah’s” 18th Birthday party and staying there after convincing them we were “Gloria’s next door neighbours sons”.





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4 10 2010

Fantastic :DD We want more photos!!

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