San Spumari, The Sith, Belnor and the ultimate…. ICE DRAGON

1 10 2010

Today I hoped to share a video of the Goldfingers Crossbar Challenge, which features amazing cameos from the likes of @TheHod, The Lovely Bex and Chief Wag 2005-2009 Alice. However, we’ve had a bit of a mix-up and it means we will be showing this next week now.

So it got me thinking about what to write today and the main reaction I’ve had from yesterday’s blog post was the kind of things you actually used to drink when you went to these nightclubs. It got me thinking about these drinks and nowhere did you drink worse drinks than at university. The advent of the Ryder Cup also reminded me of the Brookline tournament where we attempted to play Centurion with Carling – much harder than it looked…

I’m 30 now and am reaching the stage where the majority of my male friends drink ale (although my friend The Warrior has been drinking it out of a “noggin” since he was 15), while the ladies drink wine or a sophisticated vodka and tonic. This could not be further than what was being “imbibed” (points with elbow) ten years ago.

'What ho! Stout Yeoman of the Bar, Pray thee Replenish my ample Noggin, for 'tis pitifully dry, or I shall smite thee with the force of a twelveweight of badgers

I’ve spoken to some of my friends from university and below have listed some of the things we actually used to drink. How we don’t have diabetes is beyond me. Some of the classics include:

San Spumari – sparkling “perry” that cost £1.99 for 1.5 litres

Belnor – similar drink, but with a plastic cork to give that authentic champagne feel

Royal Dutch Lager – four cans for 69p. 2.3%. Just a waste of space

Real McKenzie Whisky – also useful for stripping wallpaper

There really are two instances however that really stick out in my mind of plumbing new lows with student bants and drinking horrendous concoctions just for the hell of it.

The first took place towards the end of second year and a couple of people were leaving to do a year abroad, so we threw a house party. As part of the entertainment, one time finger Yeppy set up an Apple Bobbing / Bobbly Applaz (depending on your regional orientation) which contained White Lightning Cider instead of water to put your face into. That, however, wasn’t the worst bit. A drinking game soon ensued, but the penalty was to drink a slug from a drink which was only known as “The Sith”. No-one knows how it got this name and we should point out that this was a good six years before the Star Wars film came out. It was quite simply a pint of vodka with a dash of Guinness. Who thought this would be a good idea? Long story short, Yeppy woke up in the morning with his face in the Apple Bobbing tub. with the cider replaced with vom.

Da Da Da, Da da, da da daaaaaaa

However, that is not the worst experience I’ve had. About three years after university a few of us went up to see Veg, who was doing a PhD at the time. Now being a little older and wiser, we thought we would have a quiet one at his on the Friday, then go out during the day and night on Saturday. However, the buzz of being back in Leeds got the better of us and the “quiet” evening descended into games of Pyramid Snake and Ring of Fire, but with turbo shandies of pints of Stella and a worse version of White Lightning… Ice Dragon.

Imagine three litres of this... Never drink this

I strongly urge people never to drink this. Long story short is that all four lads were sick and it wasn’t til about 8pm the next day that two of them could have their first drink (of ale incidentally).

I also asked some people on a football forum and the SMB their drinks of choice at university. Some of the responses are classic:

Adebisi said: Snakebite and Black got banned after my first year so everyone moved onto ‘Weedkiller’ which was a tropical Reef mixed with a shot of Blue Curacao so it went bright green. The morning after, everything you produced was a bit green. Reminds me of Juicy Lucy’s in Jesters in Southampton…

Cup of Beans said: Blastaway – Castaway wine cooler and diamond white in a pint glass

SteveinLeeds said – A bottle of a Sugarry alcopop and a bottle of a different sugarry alcopop> in a pint glass. About 15 different varieties of this.

Great Odin’s Raven: Shot of sambuca, followed by downing a pint of snakebite black which contained another shot of sambuca

Immortal Technique: Purple Nasty – apparently this is a Loughborough thing

Bravissimmo – The Harlequin was: Red and blue aftershock, absinthe and goldschlager. Doubles of all. It was so potent that your body was p*ssed before your head

The Mighty Mackem – Pink Kangaroo – this one is popular, couldnt tell you exactly what was in it, but milk, strawberry, lemonade, babycham, vodka, martini and cider I think

oROSSo – zeppelin cider (bargain booze own brand) £1.89 for 3 litres 7.8%, tasted of eggs and made me shat the bed and flash a jogger!

Read more:

Laog – In the Bop Manchester – Green Monster which was Reef with some port and other crap!!

The last chap sums it up well with the line “Why do we do this to ourselves!”

Would love to hear of any other concoctions that were made during the heady uni days.

So, er…. enjoy your weekends and we will have the video on Monday





2 responses

1 10 2010
Tom Armstrong

One bottle of saino’s basic white wine
One bottle of saino’s basic red wine
One bottle of fizzy orange
A big bowl
This makes Rocket fuel
Result – a great night out for £4.89

1 10 2010
Gav aka 'Veg'

The thought of Ice dragon still makes me want to vomit. It’s still the worst birthday I’ve ever had. Cheers lads.

And lest we not forget the days of ‘Vodka’ night where doubles and pints were a quid. So for 3 snitters you would get 2 doubles and a pint, down one of the vodkas, sup the top of your pint off and put the other vodka in your pint.

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