WORLD EXCLUSIVE – First play of new EP by Ollie Stewart

28 09 2010

Today on the blog, we have something a little different from the usual musings. We actually have the world’s first public play of a couple of new songs. Radio 1, XFM etc… don’t have anything on new music like the Goldfingers FC blog!

When he is not spending his time being a Goldfigners Ringer, for the past year Ollie Stewart has been furiously working in the studio on his first EP, Night Bell. It is now complete and we have the honour of being the first blog to play his new tracks. What we are going to do here is play two of the tracks from the EP and link to the other three tracks.

Ollie cites his influences as Pink Floyd and Massive Attack amongst others, “but wants to stand alone”, I reckon Ollie achieves this, as this is a style that is familiar yet innovative, encapsulating edginess with melody.

The first track is “I See Love”, which samples the absolutely massive “I Feel Love” by Donna Summer. Apparently the song was inspired by heady, crazy nights – the sort of which I would obviously know nothing about…. Obviously. The catchiness of the track makes it a stand-out opening track to the EP and demonstrates a pretty impressive vocal range.

Secondly, we have “Savour Me”. This is inspired a situation that all lads have been in. You’re out at a bar or club (it’s likely that you are probably off your face). There is an outrageously hot girl that you want to get stuck into. But she knows this and is just giving an inch when you want to take a mile – paying you just enough attention to keep you slavering, but not giving up the goods… IT’S SO FRUSTRATING!!!

Bearing in mind, Ollie has written these from scratch and put the whole arrangement together with the help of just one other musician, it’s a pretty special effort and we hope you enjoy it. The other tracks on the EP – Tare, Made at Dark and My Delight – can be found on Ollie’s YouTube Channel.

Great effort, Ollie – here’s to the start of something big – we’ll get you a run out for Fingers when your rib heals too.

Let us know what you think in the comments below.





4 responses

28 09 2010

Massive tracks – loving Savour Me. I just don’t understand how @olliestewart has written that as I can’t imagine he’s ever been in a situation where a fittie hasn’t given out within about 30 seconds?

28 09 2010
The Garv

Despite all being too young to have copies of their songs 10CC were an iconic 70s band. Did you know that the group’s name is taken from the amount that is the average male ejaculation!

28 09 2010

Awesome trivia from The Garv

Good choons from Ollie/Illie

Heard there has been some solid BluWkdBant on @goldfingersfc today?

26 07 2011
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